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Brian McLaren Keynote Speaker / September Fundraiser

Brian is a renowned speaker, innovative thinker and respected author. As a tireless advocate for justice, he works to give a voice to the voiceless and a calling for change.

He frequently appears on late night TV, radio and news programs and has published more than 20 books and passages in efforts to help break down political, ethnic and religious barriers.

Through a humble and humorous approach, he invites listeners to deepen their understanding of the pressures our world faces and to accept the challenge to help alleviate global problems. He advocates that through global and personal transformation we can change our patterns of destructive behavior to create a new world with an integrated system of justice. He strives to help the people reframe their own stories to include actions of generosity, poverty alleviation, peace making and caring for others.

Go the Second Mile is honored to have Brian present at our annual fundraiser. His books and teachings have been a pivotal influence in the creation and development of our organization. Please join us in welcoming Brian for an evening of entertainment, engagement and informative action.


This is Brian’s only West coast appearance in 2011

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