GO the Second Mile Partners

Costa Rica 2012


June 23 -July 3, 2012

WHO IS Go the Second Mile? We are advocates for children and women in the world who are victims of greed, poverty, power, exploitation, abuse, victimization or neglect. We believe that true development mobilizes empowered people: Both those seeking assistance, and those who seek to serve them. Through our strategic partnerships with organizations that are tackling issues of poverty and injustice worldwide we are a positive force in helping the lives of women and children who are at risk. We believe that poverty and injustice can be over come by working together.

Why Costa Rica? When you think of Costa Rica, you typically think of it as a tranquil place, full of sandy beaches and rain forests teaming with birds, butterflies and wildlife. While these things still exist, the heart of its capital, San Jose is changing. Organized crime, drugs and violence has taken more that its share of victims. Fueled by neglect and rejection it is the children who are suffering disproportionately.

Where will we be working? We’ll be working at three community centers run by a local organization in several extremely impoverished sections of the city. The community centers serve four functions: to teach values, build character, keep the kids in school, and form future leaders. They do this through a counseling program, computer skill center, a bilingual school, job training. They run teen centers, tutor the kids, teach English, robotics and have a leadership development program. We will visit and work in each of these centers which are strategically located in the most impoverished sections of the city.

What will we be doing? Because we value locally initiated and maintained work projects, some of the work will be determined as we get closer to our departure date. We know we will be providing eye care through a program called Indigenous Sight Enhancement program to the children and their parents associated with each center. Additional volunteer work can range from painting, small building projects, teaching art in English,  or other specific training that we may be able to provide.

Who should go? This trip is great for teenagers (15+) and their parent (s) or for anyone wanting to do international volunteer work. There is room for 10 additional team members on this trip which can include up to 5 teenagers.

How long will we be in San Jose? We will spend roughly seven days working in San Jose and living in a dorm-style guest house.

What about the rest of the time? The final leg of our journey will include a trip to the beach for three nights and three days in a locally run Costa Rican guest house/hotel  along the western coast.

What will we do there? We will use this time to process our experience, share our impressions, and insights as well as immerse ourselves in the Costa Rica of post card fame.  This down time will provide a great opportunity to hang out on a beach get some much needed rest and relax before heading home.

How much will this cost? This trip will cost approximately $1150.00-1250.00 based on a full team of 11 participants, double occupancy. Costs do not include airfare. The price includes all ground transportation, three meals a day and lodging while in San Jose as well as all of the costs associated with the post trip, 24 hr. support and daily reflections. Price also includes all pre trip planning and preparation, a local day long training session and post trip meeting. A specific flight will be identified for you to make your own reservations on and we will also identify an insurance carrier to purchase evacuation insurance through.

Who pays for the projects we will be doing? Each participant’s cost includes a contribution to the project that we will be involved in. The balance of the project costs, as well as the on-going support we provide these communities, is funded through donations to GO.

Go the Second Mile is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization. For more information go to our website at www.go2ndmile.org or email at info@go2ndmile.org. 910 N 160th ST, Shoreline, WA 98133 Phone 206-730-0123