GO the Second Mile Partners


October 11-27, 2012

WHO IS Go the Second Mile? We are advocates for the vulnerable in the world who are victims of greed, poverty, power, exploitation, abuse, victimization or neglect. As a volunteer Travel organization we bringing people and resources to the global poor. Through our strategic partnerships with organizations that are tackling issues of poverty and injustice, we are a positive influence in helping the lives of those who are most at-risk, while having a lasting effect on those who travel with us. We believe that poverty and injustice can be overcome by working together.

Why Rwanda? The 1994 genocide ravaged this country in more ways than is possible to imagine. Their economic structure, their social fabric, the infrastructure, the very soul of the country, was in ruins. An enormous outfall was thousands upon thousands of children with no parents, no relatives, and no support system. Women survivors whose families had been killed were left with little to no resources to make a living. These courageous Rwandese are rebuilding their country and lifting themselves up from the horrors of their past.

What will we be doing? Initially, we’ll spend a few days learning about the 1994 genocide and gaining valuable perspective of life in East-Central Africa. Subsequent time will be devoted to the needs of our friend Steven’s  community of 80 orphans ages 3 – 22, as well as his community of 60 widows and children. We will also be visiting the sites of Basket Weaving Communities by Rwanda Partners, a non-profit out of Seattle. Because we value locally initiated and maintained projects, the exact nature of our work will not be clear until we get closer to the trip date. Volunteer time can range from teaching, to gatherind data for community development work, repair structures, help with farming, or teaching, to name a few things. The focus of our partners is on long term results to break the cycle of poverty.

Who should go? Anyone wanting to do international volunteer work, and those who can handle physical labor. There is room for 10 additional team members on this trip.

How long will we be in Rwanda? We will spend about two and a half weeks altogether.

What about the rest of the time? The final leg of our journey will include a trip into Akegera National Park in Rwanda to pursue some animal wildlife excursions.

What will we do there? While taking a few days to visit wildlife, we will use this time to process our experience, share our impressions, and insights and reflect on the impact it has made on our lives.

How much will this cost? This trip will cost approximately $3300-$3500 ( prices may vary). The price does not include round trip air fare, but does include everything in country: transportation, food and lodging, as well as all of costs associated with the National Park. It also includes pre trip preparation, day long training retreat and a post trip meeting.

Who Pays for the Projects we will be doing? Donations to Second Mile fund the projects and on-going support that we provide these communities. Team members will also be funding a portion of the project. If you would like to donate to our organization please go to our website or send tax deductible donations to the address noted below.


Go the Second Mile is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization. For more information email at info@go2ndmile.org. P.O Box 55249, Shoreline, WA 98155.